What is it?

The 5x60 programme gives secondary school pupils the opportunity to say which sports they would like to take part in, whether it's dodgeball, cheerleading, netball or another activity. 5x60 officers speak to pupils to find out which activities they are interested in and, if possible, arrange a timetable to give the pupils’ the opportunity to take part in the activity they have chosen.
These activities can take place during their lunch and after school. The activities will mainly target individuals that do not participate in sport or who are in danger of losing interest.

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5x60 officers in Denbighshire

There are 5x60 officers at the following schools and you can follow some of them on twitter;

How to contact an officer

You can get in touch with a 5x60 officer in your school by contacting your P.E. department or through twitter.


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