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There is now a strong evidence to recommend exercise as an effective way to help prevent and manage some of the consequences of treatment including building muscle strength and improving cardiovascular fitness, manage fatigue, preventing erectile dysfunction and blood clots. As well as improving quality of life, and mental health, and control body weight.

Physical activity is important for cancer patients at all stages of the cancer care pathway. There is evidence to support the role of physical activity for the following stages of the cancer care pathway:

  1. During cancer treatment - physical activity improves, or prevents the decline of physical function without increasing fatigue.

  2. After cancer treatment - physical activity helps recover physical function.

  3. During and after cancer treatment - physical activity can reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and mortality for some cancers and can reduce the risk of developing other long term conditions.

Advanced cancer - physical activity can help maintain independence and wellbeing.

The Welsh National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS) has been based on best practice from the UK, the current evidence base, and operates to National Standards. The scheme has been supported by the Welsh Government, working in partnership with the Welsh Local Government Association, Local Authorities, Public Health Wales and Local Health Boards. This guidance has been supported by Macmillan.

The Principal Aims of the Scheme

  • To provide a safe and effective community based exercise opportunities suitable to meet the needs of clients with or surviving from cancer that complies with National standards.
  • To offer suitable healthy lifestyle advice as appropriate.
  • To promote and improve the mental and physical wellbeing of clients.
  • To increase the long-term adherence to physical activity of clients to reduce risk of disease recurrence.

Quality Standards

All protocols used on the scheme represent the best known practice and meet with current national guidelines.

All exercise professionals operating the scheme hold qualifications that are equivalent to those listed on the Qualification Curriculum Framework (QCF)

  • Are qualified to a minimum Level 3 that meets the National Occupational Standards; currently being revised by the FIA Exercise Referral Advisory Group, the Joint Consultative Forum and a drafting group.
  • Working towards or supervised by a CanRehab Level 4 Cancer & Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor.
  • Are suitably insured and registered with Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).
  • Have access to recommended literature to support their delivery.


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